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Jess Luibrand

Hello!! So lovely to meet you here!

My name is Jess and I am a scientist and an energy healer. I started my career with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences, but soon came to discover the more alternative and holistic side of healing after a 9 month round of prescribed pharmaceutical drugs left me sick, and nearly dead.

I journeyed out of the allopathic medicine and found alternative medicine when I finally came to understand that healing has three interrelated ingredients: physical, emotional and spiritual. They are dependent on each other and you cannot fully heal without addressing them together.

While living in Michigan I received my Bachelor's degree in Health Sciences from Grand Valley State University and double minored in Biology and Sociology. After my health crisis I found Reiki, was lucky enough to be mentored by a Naturopath, and began some post-graduate work studying Naturopathy through the Institute of Natural Health Sciences.

Following the whispers of my adventurous soul, I road tripped to California where I ended up staying and began my Master’s Degree at the California Institute for Human Science. During this time I learned about Pranic Healing and the biofield while working at a Subtle Energy Laboratory. At the laboratory I was studying the effects of energy healing on the physical body with different energy-measuring devices like the GDV/ Biowell, Thermal Imaging System, AMI (Apparatus for Meridian Identification) and Infiniti Biofeedback System. During my time there, I discovered that sound and vibration produced the most profound shifts in consciousness and healing. 

I studied Biofield Tuning under my friend and mentor, Eileen Day McKusick and as a client of Biofield Tuning had such amazing results I was inspired to become a Practitioner, and then one of the first Biofield Tuning Lead Teachers. Following my passion for traveling to distant lands, I helped expand Biofield Tuning globally and became the International Class Coordinator for the BT Institute.

My scientific background and degree in health sciences is due to my deep love and appreciation for the body’s physiology. I have been a Thermographer for the last 9 years, which I use to help assess wellness and dis-ease patterns in my client’s bodies. Thermography is a way to translate the silent language of the body by capturing real-time images of inflammation. This provides early warning signs and the capability to prevent the onset of illness! I still give seminars on Thermography and Women's Health around the US.

Being a lover of dance, music and movement, I became a Registered Yoga Teacher (200 hr) and have studied different styles in different places, traveling back to India, to expand my Western understanding of yoga’s Eastern roots. I deepen my yoga sessions with wave-based medicine of crystal bowls, gently guiding people back into a healthy and compassionate relationship with their body through coherence & vibration.

I believe that sound and movement are medicines our culture is rediscovering. I believe healing can be found by listening to the intuition of our bodies; and by studying the ancient healing arts we can re-unite our physical, emotional and spiritual layers.

I'm so greatful that you synchronistically found me here! I am so looking forward to connecting with you further and supporting you on your healing journey! Please let me know how I can be of service to you <3




I offer a variety of alternative services all relating to boosting the health and vitality of the physical body through energetic approaches.


Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing is an energetic system used to help heal the physical body through cleansing the chakras and the biofield. We have chakras throughout our body that integrate the energy from the outside world to help restore the balance of our internal world. Pranic Healing works with colors, crystals and energy from the natural world.


biofield tuning 

Biofield Tuning is a modality that uses sound to relax the physical body. I work in the electromagnetic field of the body and restore balance by working with tuning forks with produce a coherent sound. This soothes the nervous system and healing can occur. Biofield Tuning helps to bring you back into energetic wholeness by releasing subconscious blocks that keep you stuck repeating the same patterns.

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My yoga classes are centered around deep stretches, the breath, and crystal bowls. I teach restorative and yin classes focused on deliberate movements, while being mindful of our body. I play Crystal Bowls while I teach as I love how the melodies help dissolve tension and stagnation in the body through vibrational medicine.

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