Medical thermal imaging

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medical thermal imaging


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Medical Thermal Imaging, or Thermography, is a way to non-invasively scan the human body looking for inflammation. Medical Thermal Imaging (MTI) uses medical grade night-vision technology to see the heat emitted by the body allowing us to see WHAT is going on and WHERE. This is important because MTI assesses the body seeking the actual type of energy the body emits which is heat. 

We've all had the mom-fever test where she places her hand on our forehead to see if we have a fever. Thermography does the exact same thing and looks for 'fever' over the whole body. Wherever there is fever there is an indication of an issue.

Thermography is the best preventive health scan as it's looking for the infancy stage of disease. Inflammation is the beginning of any degenerative disease so where you find inflammation, you find early warning signals.

Thermography can find disease 8-10 years before other scans simply because it is looking for inflammation and no other scan does that: an interleukin blood test will confirm you have inflammation, but it won't show you where, which doesn't do you any good (you would treat knee inflammation different from liver inflammation!)

Essentially, Thermography is a road map to help you figure out exactly where your body is screaming out for help.

"…in whatever part of the body excess heat or cold is felt, there is disease to be discovered."  ~ Hippocrates

I have been a Thermographer since I graduated college 7 years ago. It transformed into a life long passion after it saved my mom's life in 2015 when a mammogram missed a tiny cancerous tumor growing in her breast. Thermography found the abnormal thermal patterns that indicated an issue. A subsequent Ultrasound confirmed a structure in the breast and a Biopsy confirmed cancer.

I have worked in every area of Thermography from working alongside the accrediting body (iAMT) to being certified as a Thermography Trainer (CCTT) teaching doctors how to properly use the system and incorporate it into their office. 

I am the Chief Clinical Thermographer (CCT) at Psy-Tek Laboratory. If you'd like to come get scanned yourself OR if you'd like to learn more about Thermography, let me know!

I love giving presentations so you can learn more :)

Jessica Luibrand, CCT presents at The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) in 2016.