Medical thermal imaging

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medical thermal imaging


If you watched my interview with John Biethan and are wondering about purchasing a Medical Thermal Imaging System please click here.

Medical Thermal Imaging, or Thermography, is a way to non-invasively scan the human body looking for inflammation. Medical Thermal Imaging (MTI) uses medical grade infrared technology to capture images of heat emitted by the body. This allows us to physically see wellness and dis-ease patterns, creating a map of our body for us to visualize WHAT is going on and WHERE. Medical Thermal Imaging is able to translate the language of the body - which is heat.

When we were sick we went to the doctor and they put a thermometer in our mouth to take our temperature to assess if we had a fever. Medical Thermal Imaging is a state of the art infrared camera system that is able to do the same thing, assess for fever, but with higher quality images and better resolution.

MTI is the best preventive health assessment to date because it is searching for the infancy stage of disease; which is inflammation. Inflammation is the beginning of any degenerative disease so where you find inflammation, you find early warning signals and thus have time to prevent disease.

Thermography can find disease 8-10 years before other scans simply put, because it is the only scan looking for inflammation. Essentially, Thermography is a road map to help you figure out exactly where your body is crying out for help.

"…in whatever part of the body excess heat or cold is felt, there is disease to be discovered." ~ Hippocrates

Medical Thermal Imaging became a passion of mine after it saved my mom's life in 2015 when a mammogram missed a tiny cancerous tumor growing in her breast. Thermography found the abnormal thermal patterns that indicated an issue. A subsequent Ultrasound confirmed a structure in the breast and a Biopsy confirmed cancer. (Thermography cannot diagnose cancer.)

I have been a Thermographer for 9 years, working in every area from alongside the accrediting body (iAMT) to proofreading MTI reports, to seeing clients as a Thermographer, to certifying people as a Thermography Trainer (CCTT) to teaching doctors how to properly use the system and incorporate it into their office. Currently I travel and give talks around the US on MTI and Women’s Health.

If you’re interested in learning more please watch the following presentation I gave at the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology Conference (ACEP) in 2016 in Santa Rosa, CA.

Jessica Luibrand, CCT presents at The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) in 2016.