yoga offerings

One of my life goals was to become a yoga teacher but my inflexibility, scoliosis, multiple injuries, and lack of confidence, were obstacles it took years to get over. But eventually, enough was enough. My journey into yoga began with a 2 year stint practicing Bikram Yoga, when I moved to California my yoga practice transformed into Vinyasa yoga and under the guidance of my yogi friend and mentor I finally accomplished my goal of becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher ( 200 hours RYT) in 2015. 

I have been a student of yoga for 8 years sampling different yogic traditions throughout my journey. My yoga practice evolved once again I became a student and practitioner of Yin (slow, gentle yoga) and then finally came home to Restorative yoga. Restorative yoga poses are held for longer periods of time, giving you time to relax into deeper stretches. Staying in these poses for longer creates more circulation of blood and lymph and improves flexibility through working with the connective tissue. Through these gentle but firm positions you are able to find a sense of peace by devoting yourself to your body and breath. 

I teach Restorative Yoga combined with the wave-based medicine of Crystal Bowls. Slow stretches awaken and bring harmony to the body, the breath connects the bodymind, and Crystal Bowls provide energetic support; through this cosmic alignment, you are able to shift into higher states of consciousness.

I would love to reconnect you with your body using breath, movement and appreciation for wherever you are in your practice <3

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