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Biofield Tuning Level 1

Join Jess as she co-teaches with Eileen Mckusick, creator of the Biofield Tuning Method. They will be teaching a Biofield Tuning Level 1 weekend intensive in Burlington, Vermont.

Biofield Tuning is a form of sound healing created by Eileen, distinguished author and researcher on audible noise. 

By introducing a coherent sound into the field, we are able to locate pockets of distortion in the sound. The Biofield Tuning hypothesis states that these areas of distortion are potentially biophotons stuck in the record as it was laid down in the field (chronological, by age). With a tuning fork we are able to bring these areas back into alignment with the physical body and energy field, leaving our clients feeling "lighter" and more balanced.

To learn more visit Jess's BT webpage:

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