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"Jessica, I can't thank you enough for the amazing sessions I had with you.  I have tried many holistic treatments over the years such as massage, acupuncture and meditation.  While they were helpful, Biofield Tuning was far and above the best.  I am experiencing freedom from sciatica and back pain that has bothered me for years.  The neck pain from sitting at a computer has disappeared.  Menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, painful intercourse and poor sleep have improved greatly.  My overall energy and digestion has improved as well.  I wake up each day with a better sense of self, feeling grounded and calm.  Past thoughts of trauma and negative thinking no longer plague me.

I left each session practically floating off the ground and in a state of peace I haven't experienced with other treatments.  You are truly a gifted practitioner sensing what areas to work on as well as helping me talk through difficult times in my life.  Thank you for changing my life in sooooo many ways.  I am telling everyone I know about the fantastic sessions I had with you.  Thank you!"

~ Christine from California


"I have now had three sessions with Jessica. I have had many different energy healings and believed it would be worthwhile. But I had no idea the depth of how well I would feel! From the first session I felt a deep sense of well being and relaxation throughout my being. It wasn't something I have experienced before or expected. After the last session, I have felt more flexible and my yoga practice feels easier, even when there are things that I still have trouble with. I feel an ease in my body as I move.

What Jess has shared with me during the sessions is not only interesting but seems right about me. I am so grateful to have discovered Jess and hope to continue with these distance healings! What a gift!!"

~ Cynthia from Maine


"With immense gratitude, I feel happy to highly recommend Jessica Luibrand!  She is an earth angel channeling positive energy, joy, and love.  She intuits the most direct path to my healing, well-being, and highest good.  She clears the 3rd dimensional fear realities from the past, present, and future, with ease, laughter and compassion.  I leave each session feeling revived, peaceful, and ready once again to share my gifts with the world.  If you are ready to transcend whatever may be limiting you, I feel excited you have found a jewel in Jess!"

~ Tracy from Arizona