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When I first spoke with Jess, I felt an instant sense of ease. She happily explained to me what we would be doing and answered all my questions before we got started. When we started with the Earth Star and grounding (all new things for me) it was super wild; she guided me in deep, focused breathing and I truly could feel tingling sensation in my feet area & wherever we worked. This continued as she opened the rest of the chakras. I always felt a sense of release and relaxation as she tuned it out. I am a sensitive person, but I couldn’t believe how through her guidance and tuning I was able to focus in my body to such an extent and feel these tingling sensations of liberation. The following day I woke up with such a burst of energy, hours before my alarm and just a sense of joy and lightness, free of negative thinking. I found myself not getting bogged down by normal triggers and an overall sense of joy and fluidity. I also found it really interesting what she would tell me about each part of the body that we worked on and what connections it has to our lives. Sometimes I could easily see the parallels to my own life. Other times I did not see the relationship at first, however, as days would pass after the session, her words would resonate with me and I would come to find inner peace that directly correlated to what she had told me about the body + life connection.

I think Biofield Tuning helps bring out your true self and allows you to enjoy ‘being.’ I have done 4 sessions so far in two different countries (Argentina & Germany), always over the phone, and I found every session to be extremely relaxing and an all over pleasant feeling. Just the guided breathing alone is a beautiful experience. When we finish a session I am almost intoxicated from the vibrations and relaxation. I hope my words at least spark your interest in giving it a try.

~ Christina; Argentina, Germany

My name is Manu Khullar. I am working as IT Executive in a multinational company. It has been years since I was having many issues & stress at my work place and was stuck, it caused me stress, anxiety & unable to live my vision of life. Working with Jessica over 3 sessions, I was finally able to leave my toxic work place and within days so many things started to move for my new life/business. I am free and it is a miracle. I highly recommend Jessica because she is outstanding with her methods and a wonderful human being.

~ Manu; India

First of all Jess is an amazing woman – she is fresh and full of vitality, has a huge knowledge, is filled with love and compassion.  It’s a gift knowing her. The three distance biofield tuning sessions with Jess were amazing. The effectiveness was the same or even better than the direct session which she gave me once. Working through the biofield was like a grab bag. Heavy stuff has been revealed which I haven’t been aware of. I had a deep fear in me which I couldn’t explain where it came from. Even after the first distant session it got much lighter and a deep sense of well being fulfilled me. It got easier for me to distinguish myself from people close to me. Today I can say ‘NO’ without feeling guilty. My relationship is more open and I feel closer to my loved ones. I am more authentic and I can identify my needs and can ask for them! Biofield Tuning really changed my life. I am deeply grateful!

~ Isabella; Switzerland

Jessica, I can't thank you enough for the amazing sessions I had with you.  I have tried many holistic treatments over the years such as massage, acupuncture and meditation.  While they were helpful, Biofield Tuning was far and above the best.  I am experiencing freedom from sciatica and back pain that has bothered me for years.  The neck pain from sitting at a computer has disappeared.  Menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, painful intercourse and poor sleep have improved greatly.  My overall energy and digestion has improved as well.  I wake up each day with a better sense of self, feeling grounded and calm.  Past thoughts of trauma and negative thinking no longer plague me.

I left each session practically floating off the ground and in a state of peace I haven't experienced with other treatments.  You are truly a gifted practitioner sensing what areas to work on as well as helping me talk through difficult times in my life.  Thank you for changing my life in sooooo many ways.  I am telling everyone I know about the fantastic sessions I had with you.  Thank you!

~ Christine; California

I am reflecting on 2018 and feeling very grateful for the people who have enriched my life.  The Asheville Biofield Tuning Foundations training was a life changer for me. Having Jess as my Teacher and then doing my distance sessions as my Practitioner were amazing!  I have exposure to many different healing modalities, and I have to say that Jess’s tuning session brought everything together in a way that made perfect sense. Afterwards, I felt a lightness and clarity like never before. I felt a release of many issues that had been weighing on me. I am still learning from it and look forward to many more sessions. Thank you!

~ Loretta; North Carolina

I have now had three sessions with Jessica. I have had many different energy healings and believed it would be worthwhile. But I had no idea the depth of how well I would feel! From the first session I felt a deep sense of well being and relaxation throughout my being. It wasn't something I have experienced before or expected. After the last session, I have felt more flexible and my yoga practice feels easier, even when there are things that I still have trouble with. I feel an ease in my body as I move.

What Jess has shared with me during the sessions is not only interesting but seems right about me. I am so grateful to have discovered Jess and hope to continue with these distance healings! What a gift!!

~ Cynthia; Maine


With immense gratitude, I feel happy to highly recommend Jessica Luibrand!  She is an earth angel channeling positive energy, joy, and love.  She intuits the most direct path to my healing, well-being, and highest good.  She clears the 3rd dimensional fear realities from the past, present, and future, with ease, laughter and compassion.  I leave each session feeling revived, peaceful, and ready once again to share my gifts with the world.  If you are ready to transcend whatever may be limiting you, I feel excited you have found a jewel in Jess!

~ Tracy; Arizona