Sharla Snow & Jess discuss Thermography & Breast Health


The following tale is shared with Sharla's permission, of course.

Sharla & Jess talk Thermography!

Sharla & Jess talk Thermography!

Sharla Snow is a client of mine for Medical Thermal Imaging (Thermography). Medical Thermal Imaging is a way to scan the physiology/ blood flow of the body (as opposed to structure). This differs from mammography in the sense that Thermography is looking for PRE-disease patterns, or in other terms, Thermography is a preventive scan. By the time you realize you have a tumor (structure) the disease has gone from it's infancy stage (inflammation) all the way to it's end stage: a tumor.

Sharla came to see me in the fall of 2016 after she found a lump in her breast but didn't feel comfortable getting a mammogram due to the radiation, compression and pain. We performed her Thermogram and a week later her Medical Thermal Imaging Report came back abnormal due to a large asymmetry in the heat, distribution, and intensity of the thermal patterns in her left breast. The doctor who wrote Sharla's report recommended proactive and holistic protocols: that she do lymphatic drainage, dry brushing, perhaps introduce Vitamin D3, selenium and other healthy supplements into her diet with various other lifestyle changes.

Sharla responded quickly and rose to the occasion to help her situation. She is a distributor of essential oils and extremely holistically minded, so by the time she came back for her follow-up in February of 2017 she had enacted many natural protocols into her life and her report came back noting the improvements; specifically, the thermal patterns in her left breast had decreased!

Sharla posted her story & images on facebook and it went viral. Everyone asked Sharla what she did, what the pictures meant, what Thermography was, etc etc.

Sharla asked if her and I could give a talk to help educate and empower women - so we did! 

The following is our talk; if you have any questions please feel free to contact me :) <3

What is thermography? Is it safe? Why have you never heard of it before? How is it helpful? What are the benefits?